Planetary Defense Conference : Steps to Prevent Asteroid Impact

In April last year in Italy, a ”Planetary Defense Conference : Steps to Prevent Asteroid Impact” was held by the International Academy of Astronautics ( IAA ) in cooperation with ESA, NASA, Roscosmos, the United Nations and with several other of the world’s space agencies .

The Planetary Defense Conference simulated the cooperation that is necessary to destroy, if an asteroid is about to crash on Earth. Several methods is tested, one of them is to blow up an asteroid in parts, that the Russians now will try.

Learn more here among others with additional links.
Planetary Defense Conference 2015

The whole Planetary Defense Conference is availble in several videos.


Om Dennis Startrek Nilsson

"If the human race is to survive as a species, it must become a space faring one" - Dr Robert Zubrin
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