Martin Luther King Jr. has written this on Astronomy

Martin Luther King Jr. has written this on Astronomy, found on a the King Center’s archive:

”Astronomy. A few stars are known which are hardly bigger than the earth, but the majority are so large that hundreds of thousands of earths could be pack inside each and leave room to spare here and there we come upon a giant star large enough to contain millions of millions of earths.

And the total number of stars in the universe is probably something like the total number of grains of sand on all the sea-shoes of the world.

Such is the littleness of our home in space when measured up again the total substance of the universe.“

Martin Luther King Jr. & Astronomy for #MLKDay2016


Om Dennis Startrek Nilsson

"If the human race is to survive as a species, it must become a space faring one" - Dr Robert Zubrin
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